Louis Sauter

Composer, Performer

Erica Sipes's Sightreading Mavericks

Pianist Erica Sipes regularly streams her Sightreading Mavericks where she reads scores suggested by her viewers. From May to July 2020 she read a large selection of my works for piano: Les noces de Chounette volumes I, II, III and IV (premiere), Sonata Romantica, Odysseus, my piano Sonata (first and third movements), two pieces from Vagabondages, my Variations on We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Umbriel. At times, Erica's singing dog joins the performance!

Les Noces de Chounette I

Les Noces de Chounette II

Les Noces de Chounette III

This was streamed on Periscope, the Prélude starts at 14m55.


Les Noces de Chounette IV

Sonata Romantica


Piano Sonata




Variations on We Wish You a Merry Christmas