Louis Sauter

Composer, Performer


CD Albums

The album One Minute by Iwona Glinka (Sarton) was released on 5 May 2017. It won a double silver medal at the Global Music Awards 2017 (contemporary classical and album). Gimel, Daleth and Two Minutes were released by Phasma Music on 21 September 2018. Both Gimel and Daleth won double silver medals at the Global Music Awards 2018 (contemporary classical and instrumental-instrumentalists for Gimel, album and instrumental-instrumentalist for Daleth). Two Minutes won a triple silver medal at the Global Music Awards 2019 (contemporary classical, album and instrumental-instrumentalist). Album HE appeared in 2019 and contains Romantica for flute and piano recorded by Iwona Glinka and Vicky Stylianou. All albums can be purchased online at Amazon, Naxos Direct and others. They are available for download or streaming at Spotify, qobuz, iTunes and other platforms.


Laissez-moi mes rêves

Las bodas de Helena


Trois miniatures pour flûte

Tristan im Mondschein

Suite pour harpe

Recorded by Rita Schindler


Performed by Steve Johnson, soprano saxophone; Lada Gaines, alto saxophone; Ken Barhite, tenor saxophone;Jennifer Schmitz Johnson, baritone saxophone

a very small mass

Performed by Courtney Sherman, soprano and Michael Dewhirst, cello

Une minute d'ennui

Performed by Trio Verismo

Apopthegmes Orchestra Suite

Performed by the OSM orchestra of ERT, directed by Dimitris Bouzanis. Athens, Greece, 28 May 2013.