Louis Sauter

Composer, Performer



The album One Minute by Iwona Glinka (Sarton) was released on 5 May 2017. It won a double silver medal at the Global Music Awards 2017 (contemporary classical and album). Gimel, Daleth and Two Minutes were released by Phasma Music on 21 September 2018. Both Gimel and Daleth won double silver medals at the Global Music Awards 2018 (contemporary classical and instrumental-instrumentalists for Gimel, album and instrumental-instrumentalist for Daleth). Two Minutes won a triple silver medal at the Global Music Awards 2019 (contemporary classical, album and instrumental-instrumentalist). Album HE appeared in 2019 and contains Romantica for flute and piano recorded by Iwona Glinka and Vicky Stylianou. HETH was released in 2020 and includes Fantaisie niçoise for flute and guitar recorded by Iwona Glinka and Angelos Botsis. Saint-Pétersbourg for cello was recorded live by Aleks Tengesdal and was released by Donemus in 2020. TETH includes recordings of Suite cosmique II and Aria et Fugue for flute and string trio and was released by Phasma Music on 18 June 2021 (28 May in the UK). Les Noces de Chounette and Other Works for piano was released on 2 July 2021 and won the Spring 2021 Clouzine Best Contemporary Classical Piano Album award. The three albums titled Lament for Theodore Antoniou include Sauter's Lament (Vol. 3, Track 7), and were released on 23 July 2021. The set won the award for best classical album at the February 2021 Akademia Music Awards. LAMEDH will include Sauter's work Umbriel for flute and bass clarinet recorded by Iwona Glinka and Yannis Samprovalakis. CHISINAU 2 will include Saint-Pétersbourg recorded by the Symphonic Orchestra of the National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici” directed by Mihail Agafita.

A page is provided for each album with links to where it can be purchased, streamed or downloaded.

Lament for TA 3 Lamedh cover Chisinau 2 cover

Tristan im Mondschein

Recorded by Susanne Kessel

Aria (from Les noces de Chounette III)

Recorded by Susanne Kessel

Louis Sauter · Aria

Le Nozze di Elena (Siciliana) (from Les noces de Chounette IV)

Recorded by Susanne Kessel

Louis Sauter · Le Nozze di Elena

Suite pour harpe

Recorded by Rita Schindler


Performed by Steve Johnson, soprano saxophone; Lada Gaines, alto saxophone; Ken Barhite, tenor saxophone;Jennifer Schmitz Johnson, baritone saxophone

Une minute d'ennui

Performed by Trio Verismo

a very small mass

Performed by Courtney Sherman, soprano and Michael Dewhirst, cello

Louis Sauter · µMesse

Apopthegmes Orchestra Suite

Performed by the OSM orchestra of ERT, directed by Dimitris Bouzanis. Athens, Greece, 28 May 2013.