Olivier Messiaen

Olivier Messiaen par Hélène Sauter (2021)

I had the honor of meeting composer Olivier Messiaen several times, a even of attending one of his musical analysis classes, devoted to the Rite of the Spring by Igor Stravinsky. I have very often listened – and sometimes performed – his works. I created this page to share some pictures and recordings.

Photo Album

Book inscribed by Olivier Messiaen and Yvonne Loriod after a concert at the Marc Chagall Museum in Nice (11 June 1974). They had performed the “Visions de l’Amen” for two pianos.

Some views of the auditorium of the Marc Chagall Museum (taken in 2001 at another concert).

Some pictures of Olivier Messiaen

Booklet of the Mass celebrated on 14 May 1992 following Olivier Messiaen’s death


Saint-François d’Assise

Live radio broadcast of the premiere of the opéra in 1983, recorded with Dolby C noise reduction on five audio cassette sides. There are short interruptions of the recording between sides.


Concert des 80 ans

Live radio broadcast in 1988, recorded with Dolby C noise reduction.

Couleurs de la Cité céleste
Un vitrail et des oiseaux
Oiseaux exotiques

Les Offrandes oubliées

Midi Sequence recorded on a keyboard by Louis Sauter and synthesized with Avid Sibelius.

Les Offrandes oubliées


Quatuor pour la fin du temps

Orchestration of the Intermède by Louis Sauter

Variation pour la fin du temps

Composition by Louis Sauter as a homage to Olivier Messiaen.